Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Rock the Vote

Some questions that people may ask about the election are:
Where do I vote? How do I know who is on my ballot? Can you use technology/cell phone at a polling place? What do I do if the polls close and I am in line?

What makes me want to vote is the fact that this is your right and opportunity to have a say in what goes on in the country. Although it may not seem like your vote counts because of how the election process is set up (especially your vote in RI) it does. Town officials also can see whether you are a registered voter or if you did vote which can be essential for some job opportunities as well, especially for a town worker like myself. You have a little voice and say for who gets elected in your community, state, and country and you always should take advantage. Even if someone does not have a whole lot of knowledge about certain candidates, then do some homework and research their plan, background, etc. What makes people shy away from the voting both is maybe questioning themselves on if they are making the right decision. You want your vote to be the one that impacts you in a positive way and the feeling of second thoughts can get in the way. The election drew me in because of how publicized it was and I wanted to make the right decision. There was so much scrutiny towards the other candidate and by watching the debates and doing some research it really drew me in more than ever when it comes to politics.

Three questions:
What aspects come into play when voting for the right candidate?
Are you confident in the candidate you are behind?
Do you feel others will ridicule you by your decision?  

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