Friday, December 16, 2016

Event #2

On Tuesday December 13th I attended Reebok headquarters in Canton, MA for a workshop for up and coming youth workers. This workshop hit all of the targets in what do to do when working with kids in an active environment. The three women that ran the show all gave their two cents and some of their own experiences that worked out for them when working with youth. This workshop showed why it is important to get kids moving and get their blood flowing before their day starts, why they should always be moving even though they are not participating in the activity at that point in time, and numerous drills, skill development strategies, and sayings to keep the kids motivated.

The 15-20 youth workers that were present acted out as the kids for about an hour and half and ran through all of the activities given to us by the three instructors. They talked to us like we were the children and kept us motivated throughout the whole work out. These activities consisted of the skill of the day (situps), team work skills, as well as clapping and motiviating the others participating in the program. We also watched videos on working with the youth and what to do in certain situations and why keeping the kids moving is so important.

For myself, I learned a lot off of this program. I run summer camps as well as clinics for young children that my workers can use in the future. There were many different drills that we did that would be appropriate for the kids that are in my program and would enjoy them. I am glad I went to this workshop not only to learn some new skills to use, but I learned a lot about how to keep the youth healthy (diet), as well as why it is so important to keep them moving and active early in the day.

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