Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ideology Inventory

I feel like my values when it comes to youth work comes in a variety of ways. From what I filled in on the inventory, I believe that one of the most important things is keeping the youth away from engaging in risky behaviors such as drug use, sex, violence and bullying. Providing children with facts and teaching them what bad things can come about engaging in those activities may help them in the long run. Teaching the youth to be independent can be very beneficial as well. I feel like kids can become a lot more responsible when they are taught young how to be independent and not rely on others to perform simple tasks for them. This is where teaching them their problem solving skills can come into play. Kids need to be motivated in order to learn. I know when I was a kid if i was not motivated or intrigued by a particular topic I would lose focus very easily. The kids need to find out learning things enjoyable or else they will lack focus and may not be successful in the particular topic that is being covered. Preparing the youth on what to expect in the future is very crucial. We want our youth to be prepared in case a certain situation as well as what is going on in our society. We need to make our learning enviornments as enjoyable as we can.