Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Event #1

A few weeks ago I attended a baseball coaches convention at Mohegan Sun. This convention offered so much information that I plan on using in the future not only when it comes to baseball but with the youth in after school programs and curricular activities as well. It was a two day convention going over different skills as well as discipline teaching strategies, teamwork strategies, and different ways of communicating with the youth. This convention was held by current MLB Players, College Coaches such as Auburn and Coastal Carolina (defending national champions), as well as numerous MLB pitching and hitting coaches. They all shared their stories about an experience when they were young kids and how a coach changed their lives. They fed off of that and told why they wouldnt be where they were today if it wasn't for that particular person in their childhood lives. I have had a couple of people impact my life and especially during high school. There was one teacher and was also our class advisor that made high school an experience of a life time not only for myself but for my peers as well. I realized after going to this convention that I want to make an impact on a child's life and I want do do something in their childhood years that they will remember for a lifetime and reflect about in the future. I have a great opportunity from where I work that can change someone's life right now and I plan on using the skills that I learned as well as doing a lot of reading from all of the information that I got from the brochures in order to do so.

A couple of these links are videos from the annual convention including a lot of information as to what it is all about

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