Thursday, December 8, 2016

Nakkula and Tashalis Chapter 2

Context Mapping is a technique used to design a list of things that affect someone's everyday life. This can show out on paper how many individuals/things you deal with on a regular basis without even really recognizing it. James Marcia came up with four different identities when dealing with making a context map.

Achieved Identity- This is when adolescents realize what their basic values are as well as a set of beliefs that they will use in their every day life. An example can be when realizing that you finally like the new job you started after a number of times trying other things out.

Foreclosed Identity- This is when someone commits to something without really having any prior knowledge into what is going on or any background on this particular topic. An example of this can be getting a job that involves kids when you have not really had any prior experience with them.

Diffuse Identity- This stage is when the youth have not really figured out their social identity just yet or even realized what their own personality consists of. An example of this is sitting home not trying to find a job or even attempt to look into what you want to do in your future.

Identity Moratorium- Individuals who are in the middle of a crisis and their commitments are not defined. At the same time they are still seeking for advancements and making attempts. An example could be focusing on a particular subject in school and knowing that is what you want to get in to. But at the same time you second guessing about something else you may want to do.

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